Wheel Base on SNN7

Watch the news report about Wheel Base Garage Condos on SNN7. Posted on Thursday, February 7th and narrated by journalist Alejandro Romero, this report highlights the features of our unique service, shows video of the construction site, and interviews our very own Hans Schmeits and real estate agent Joanna Benante of Michael Saunders.

SNNTV News Story

duPont Registry

Hot Wheels! The WheelBase car condo is having a grand opening!

David Warner
Posted Mar 11, 2020

WHEELS At Wheel Base Grand Opening and Car Show is the facility’s kickoff event— an opportunity for car owners and enthusiasts to showcase and view classic, exotic, luxury and super cars while enjoying food, drinks, and live music. And it’s free!

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MSC Blog

Luxury garage condominiums take hobbies to the next level

Samantha Emelock
Posted Mar 11, 2020

Enter luxury garage condominiums. These fortresses of leisure and lifestyle have been gaining momentum over the last several years as more and more have sought urban residences or wanted to expand on a collection without adding more square footage to their primary or secondary residence.

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Garage condo idea comes to life in Sarasota
Jay Heater
Posted Nov 1, 2019

It was disturbing as I looked at my new Lakewood Ranch home, and then back at my pickup truck.


There was no way.

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Business Observer

Construction firm carves out niche in luxury condos — for cars
Grier Ferguson
Posted Oct 25, 2019

The skies of Florida’s west coast are dotted with cranes busy at work on condo projects. These residential towers provide luxury living for residents of the state, new and old. But state-of-the-art condos aren’t just for people anymore.


They’re now for cars, too.

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Herald Tribune

Premium garage condos debuting in Sarasota
Laura Finaldi
Posted Oct 25, 2019

We’ve all heard of luxury condominiums with beachfront views, clubhouses and rooftop pools, but what happens when a luxurious car needs an equally luxurious place to be stored and tinkered with?

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