Our Guiding Principles

Ownership | Design | Community | Security | Protection
  1. Ownership Advantage
    Personal warehouse units that are a valuable asset in your real estate portfolio, providing you with the freedom of ownership to pursue your passions.
  2. Well Designed and Highly Customizable
    Wheel Base is a purpose-built facility designed for the enthusiast by enthusiasts. Our units are created with flexibility in mind and are highly customizable. Whether it’s a showcase garage, a workshop, a private office, an urban cabin or just a place to get away, it is your space to interpret.
  3. Exclusive Community
    A Base where like-minded owners can hang out and have fun.
  4. Keep your Belongings Safe and Secure 
    With a tight, well-lit perimeter, controlled access and multiple surveillance & security options, Wheel Base is centrally located and easily accessed for members.
  5. Built for Protection
    High & dry and out of harm’s way, at over 41 feet above sea level and well away from flood zones. Built strong to withstand a category 4 storm.

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